The best way to be present in the day of the church members and still generate recipe for the church

The App

Has an incredible way of being present in the daily lives of every member of your church. With this service the church will have a unique application with all small groups and discipled system management services, videos, e-commerce and more.

Small Groups

With this feature any member that has installed APP can find the nearest group of your residence with date and time, select it and trace the route by GPS integrated with Google Maps.

Send Files

The upload tool lets you share the app all created videos, study materials and support.


Any member can purchase products within the application, the church receives a % on every product sold without worrying about logistics, shipping and inventory.


This amazing tool allows you to have the management of disciple and discipleship. Control the entire network of followers, number of members per group and more.


APP has forms for control of services, number of members, registration of visitors and much more, all in the restricted area.

Push Notification

Any news, product information or simply use the push notification tool and the application itself will advise the new member.
Your application has access to advertising in the footer, you can place partner companies to advertise on your app and profit from it.

Back Office Management

All this is managed through your Back Office

The Cia do Reino provides a management system with access to submissions, pages and forms registration, management of small groups, registration groups and more.

All forms and reports are directed instantly to your registration email.


Have you ever thought of having an ecommerce for your church?

Without worrying about management, logistics, inventory, and even help to work with a % obtained from each sale?

The Cia do Reino provides an e-commerce itself to your church, personalized and with the selection of products you want.


  • Personalized
  • Ready for indexing on Google
  • Product Management
  • Sales Management
  • No stock or logistics (We do everything for you)
  • Available on computers, tablets and smartphones

Still you have a question?
Speak NOW with a consultant and find out how our project can help your church.

Project`s Goal

We idealize a product of high social impact, which helps churches to assist and maintain their closest members on a daily basis.

In addition to extending the word through technology, the Cia do Reino allows churches can raise funds for the work through the sales commission ecommerce and advertising.

Now get your APP and a new step in the relationship with its members!